2 state of the art in-built projectors are available for use during your wedding

up to 400 people

We’ve got space for up to 400 of your loved ones to share your special day with you.

choose your color

Your special day is important to us! We offer colours to customize and match your wedding’s theme.

modern hall

Let your special day be heard! We offer a variety of state of the art PA and mic systems to be used during your wedding.

free drinks

A fountain of deliciousness! A Champaign fountain and together with a welcome drink for your guests can be arranged for free.

Near downtown

Plenty of attractions nearby to enjoy! Speak to us about our excursions to various local favourite spots such as the Chillaw fish market, bird sanctuary, lagoon boat tour and dolphin watching.

wedding Halls

We understand that your wedding day should be a memorable one, which is why we are here to ensure that it all goes well!

At Club Palm Bay, we offer you a range of customizable wedding services;

  • Variety of seating arrangements to suit your number of guests
  • Main restaurant can be used as wedding hall
  • Welcome drink
  • Outdoor wedding (Catering and service only)
  • Hotel premises for wedding photography
  • Champaign fountain with bottle
  • Bookings made for less than 200 guests get 1 free room on full board basis at any of our hotels
  • Bookings made for more than 200 guests get 2 free rooms on full board basis at any of our hotels

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hall 1
350 – 400 people
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hall 2
350 – 400 people
489 Weddings
2512 Happy people
75 Singers
512 Registrated members